Our Students

At St Madeleine's Primary School our students develop within a positive, supportive Catholic community.

Students at St Madeleine's engage in rich, real and relevant learning experiences in order to develop the critically in-demand skills for the future of our workforce. Our students focus on critical thinking, imagination, collaboration and problem solving to develop the fundamental skills which will allow them to make a difference in our world.

For this reason, while content knowledge is important at St Madeleine's, we also place value on building a student’s capacity to ‘learn how to learn’. We encourage creativity, a boldness and a 'can-do' attitude towards learning and problem solving.

Student Leadership

Student leadership plays a key role in the development of the skills required to make a difference in our world and collaborate effectively with others. Our school captains and vice captains are elected by their peers and teachers, they each have a specific role to play at St Madeleine's and are ambassadors of our school.

These leaders work with our Student Representative Council (SRC) which is comprised of the four captains and vice captains, as well as 10 students elected from Year 2 to Year 6; the council acts as a voice for the students, working together to resolve relevant issues and meet goals. The council also looks after fundraising and social justice initiatives.

In addition to our elected leaders, we place a high level of importance on the development of leadership skills for our Year 6 students by engaging them in a variety of activities and providing them with additional responsibilities at school. They are taught to model appropriate leadership and lead by example for our younger students.


School Captains

Amelie Nash, Riley Paki

School Vice Captains Saniya Arnold, Tyler Hili
Prefects Addison Bayly-Pike, Jessica Edwards, Mitchell Atkins, Benjamin Grima
Blue House Captains Alessia Cutajar, Max Wade
Yellow House Captains Bethany Nassif, Jack Treak
Red House Captains Matlilda Rogers, Dylan Gray
Green House Captains Chloe Sakkal, Luca Scannone