Learning to be Cyberwise


On the 2nd of August we were lucky enough to have Senior Constable Rob Patterson who is the Youth Liaison Officer from the Hills Local Area Command visit St Madeline’s.

In our digital age it is important that students understand both the risks and rewards of technology and online safety as well as the importance of protecting your information and privacy on the internet and staying cyber-wise when engaging with social media and online gaming.

The discussions focused on the importance of sharing your online activities with parents, teachers and other responsible adults who can help in tricky situations.


Our Year 6 students will now engage in a Cyber Safety Project whereby they are to become teachers and create an engaging lesson for Year 4 students to learn about the importance of being safe, responsible digital citizens.

A special thank you Mrs Lavercombe for organising this event and to the parents and carers who came to listen - we’re always glad to have guests present about such important topics for our students, and we look forward to sharing our new found knowledge with the rest of the school through our Cyber Safety Project in Year 6.