Make a Booking

St Madeleine's uses the School Interviews website to allow parents to make bookings for various appointments at the school.

This tool allows for parents and carers to make electronic bookings at the school for various appointments including our Kindy Enrolment Interviews, Kindy Testing, Mathematics Assessment Interview bookings, Teacher Interviews and Uniform Shop appointments.

To make a booking, please click on the appropriate button below. If you require assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Booking Type  Description
Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews Bookings for interviews between parents, teachers and students which take place throughout the year to provide formal feedback on student progress.
Mathematics Assessment Interview   Bookings for Mathematic Assessment Interviews which take place at the start of each school year across all grades.
Kindy Uniform Appointment  Bookings to purchase uniform items for new Kindergarten students prior to enrolment.
Kindy Initial Assessment  Bookings for initial Kindergarten assessments which take place prior to the beginning of the school year.
School and  Parish Enrolment Interview Bookings for Kindergarten enrolments. Please ensure that all enrolment forms have been handed into the office prior to booking.